• Kolin KDM20LWRC290 Kolin KDM20LWRC290

    Kolin KDM20LWRC290

    Product Specifications: 4x Water Capacity Compact yet large 12-liter water tank with 4X capacity compared to conventional units, reducing manual maintenance frequency. Customize settings based on preferences. If 12L bucket is heavy, set water level to auto switch off at desired fill point for effortless operation. Smart Controller/Voice Assistant Kolin Cube App puts humidity control in your hands. Monitor room humidity, water level, adjust settings, and power on/off from your smartphone. Stay worry-free! Humidity Control Kolin’s Dehumidifier offers precise humidity control, allowing you to set levels from 35% to 85% in 5% increments for optimal comfort Smart Dehumidifying Mode The Smart Dehumidifying Mode automatically maintains the room’s humidity in a comfortable range of 45 to 55% relative humidity. Ionizer The Ionizer emits negative ions to safeguard your home air from harmful pollutants, ensuring a safe and protected environment. Lift and Twist Design Unique lift-and-twist bucket designed for extended or nested use. Up to 4x water capacity in extended mode, hassle-free drainage in nested mode. R290 Refrigerant A highly eco-friendly and cost-effective refrigerant, with low ozone depletion and an extremely low GWP. Flexible Drainage System Drain hose allows flexible moisture removal: use included hose to position unit over sink or floor drain, no tank needed. Compact and Stylish and Easy to Move Nested design for efficient storage. Equipped with handles for easy transportation. Ideal for moving between locations and space-saving when unused. Soft Touch Intuitive control panel with user-friendly buttons and settings for effortless operation and adjustment of humidity and fan speed.

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  • TCL 2.0 HP Inverter, Dehumidifier TAC-18CSA/KEI TCL 2.0 HP Inverter, Dehumidifier TAC-18CSA/KEI

    TCL 2.0 HP Inverter, Dehumidifier TAC-18CSA/KEI

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    · Split Wall-mounted· Variable Speed (Inverter) Cooling Only· 5D DC Inverter· Titan Gold Technology· 5-in-1 Health Filters· Fast-cooling· Quiet Operation SPECIFICATIONS Products: Split Wall-mounted Energy Class: 10.2 AC Information Products: Split Wall-mounted Energy Class: 10.2 Outdoor Box Dimension: 863x600x325 Climates: T1 Refrigerant: R32 Outdoor Noise Level: 52 Indoor Unit Size (W*D*H): 910x292x205 Indoor Noise Level: 44/36/33 Power consumption (Cooling): 1682(250~2500) Cooling Capacity: 17197 (3600-18720) Indoor Net Weight: 10kg Power Supply: 220V~ 60Hz Indoor Box Dimension: 977x367x276 Outdoor Unit Size (W*D*H): 760x552x256 Application area: 20sqm-35sqm Product Type: Inverter Cooling Only Outdoor Net Weight: 30kg Outdoor Gross Weight: 34kg Indoor Gross Weight: 13kg

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